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help for lefty- gas driven vs inertia


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As a new shooter and leftie, it has been difficult to choose a good semi for clays. Although the Rem 1187 is the 'conventional wisdom' choice, the SBE II and M2 are appealing. Are these Benellis over my abilities and needs?

(I have a Stroeger Condor which I love.)


Also, how does a gas driven semi compare to an inertial driven one? Pros and cons?


Dose the Franchi 712 cone in left hand?


Any other left hand semis come to mind?




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Be sure that you understand that the inertia system is not recommended for loads under 3 drams/1-1/8 oz.


As stated previously, the Franchis do not come in LH versions.

As a lefty, your options in semi-autos are limited to Remingtons, Benellis, and (gasp) Charles Daley.


You can find earlier model SBE's (without the ComforTech and crio) for around $900 - NIB now.

A new SBEII LH would run you around $1100-$1400, depending on where you found one.


Here's a good deal



M2's will run less.

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Thanks for the reply, tucker....


My understanding of inertia v gas is a difference in recoil. Since I only shoot clays(no hunting)

I use target loads-3 d, 1 1/8 oz, 7.5 or 8 shot-always at or under 1200 fps.

How would the recoil compare between the 2 and my 12g o/u Stroeger?


My real concern is the SBE or M2 a better clay shotgun as compared to the 1187?



Another question for another day-

Which dedicated practical shotgun (IPSC, 3 gun etc) is the best -regardless of $:


1- Benelli M4

2- Benelli M3 super 90 (semi-auto and pump)

3- Remington 1100 Competion Master

4- Winchester Practical MK I / II






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The recoil difference will be neglible with the loads at the lighter end of the spectrum. In fact, due to the reduced overal weight, the SBE or M2 may actually hit slightly harder.


You may like the raised rib od the Benellis over the Remington when shooting clays. Some do and some don't.


One advantage the Benellis have is the stock shim sets, which allow you to adjust the cast and drop of the stock to suit your style of shooting. As far as I know, the Remington does not offer such.


With respect to cleaning, the SBE or SBEII have the upper hand. Take a close look at the product photos and you'll see that the barrell and the top of the receiver are one in the same. This opens the receiver and bolt area for easier access when cleaning. This is not the case on the M2, however.


The Benellis are overall easier to clean. Everything comes apart by hand in a matter of minutes, and re-assembly is easy as pie.


In theory, the crio barrells will deliver tighter patterns as well.


Back to your final question: Which is better, Benelli or Remington?

If possible, shoot both before buying and decide for yourself. The age-old debate won't be settled by you or me. ;)

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As a lefty I had the same questions, although it was for hunting and not so much for clays. I opted for the SBE 2. So far I Like this gun alot !! I don't regret spending the extra money on the Benelli.

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As usual, tucker is right on with his advise/response to your questions and concerns.


I also shoot more clays than game but I do get into the field several times a year. I chose the M2 for a field gun but it's fit and feel have spilled over into the range. My clays scores have improved by an average of 17 per round. The gun is awesome(sp?).


I was shooting a Beretta 686 prior to the Benelli.


Last Saturday, I shot a round with two friends who shoot Beretta and Merkle. They were giving me a really hard time about my "PLASTIC" gun!


When the round was over they didn't have much to say, the closest was 13 birds behind.

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How about the Beretta Xtrema2 in comparison? Admittedly I haven't researched much about any other shotguns, simply because I like my Benelli Nova so well.


The SBEII vs. the Xtrema2 seems to be worth comparing if someone is considering gas versus inertia, but then again, I'm a complete shotgun novice so I could be completely wrong. But, since I think Tucker is shotgun smart fellow, I thought it best to ask here, and this thread seems appropriate considering it was asking about gas vs. inertia.


Here are some of the other comments I'd gotten when asking about these two shotguns:


I have owned both and can tell you the difference. The SBE is lighter and therefore is a little better for decoying doves, wood ducks, quail, etc. and the Extrema is heavier and therefore swings a little better and is better for longer shots like mallards, geese, crows, passing doves, etc. Both can be used for all the stuff I mentioned before, but it's kinda like golf clubs, or fishing rods.....one will be just a little better for each specific use. If you will be shooting lots of 3.5 inch magnums, get the Extrema....it kicks noticeably less with the magnums.


As far as cleaning goes, the SBE will take you about 10% of the time it will take you to clean the Extrema. Neither gun, however will need to be cleaned after you shoot every time. Try maybe after 500 shots or so. The barrels are chrome lined and there is nothing that will rust any time soon. That's why they cost so much. Hope this helps.

Love the idea of less recoil.


Supposedly the SBE2 kicks less than the Extrema2 because of the comfortech system. Also the benelli's require less cleaning and speaking from experience with a semi auto that is a good thing. With the SBE you wont have to fiddle with clogged gas vents or pistons.

Less maintenance = a good thing, especially for a shotgun newbie, right?


Let me give you a heads up on the new Extrema2. Just took one to Argentina and Uruguay to tape some shows for the 2006 season of my Shotgun Journal series on The Outdoor Channel. You would not normally take such a gun to Argentina, but we planned to shoot promarily ducks, geese and pigeons, so I thought I'd give it a try. While there I ran about 1,000 rounds through it shooting one ounce and one and one eighth ounce loads with no problems whatsoever. The gun only weighs a little over seven pounds and the recoil was not noticeable. Beretta has the new Kickoff system available for the gun, which further reduces recoil, but I did not use it.


I will tell you that I much prefer the Extrema2 to the Benelli, primarily because of recoil. For those of you who say you don't feel recoil, just shoot enough. You'll feel it. Beretta claims that the new Extrema2 is the softest shooting 3 1/2 inch auto on the market. I've taken a number of turkeys with my original Extrema, and I can say that the new model is a big improvement.


You can't go wrong with the new Beretta. By the way. I'm told that it will be available in Mossy Oak patterns soon.


Beretta offers the Extrema2 with or without the Kick-Off option. Not sure why, but that's how it's offered. For turkey loads I would have it on the gun just to minimize the punch of the heavy turkey loads.


What I like about the Beretta is that I can use it for any wingshooting application. That's why I took it to South America. I wanted to see if it would handle the light loads. I know it will shoot the heavy stuff, but many of the 3 1/2 12 gauge autoloaders advertise that you can shoot the light stuff, but many shooters report cycling troubles when they shoot large numbers of shells.


As mentioned, I put about 1,000 light load rounds through it without cleaning anything. I just wiped off the outside after each hunt.

Lighter loads maybe a problem in the inertia guns, though again, admittedly I couldn't say what a lighter load is. I use the Remington Game Loads but that is also in a 20ga, so that's only a 7/8 oz shot, I would assume that I'd be using heavier loads in the 12ga. So in comparison off that Remington page, is the 1oz shot going to have a problem cycling in the inertia driven shotgun?


Too many question and choices.

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When I first saw the Xtrema2, I wondered if I'd screwed up buying the SBEII even though I'm a lefty.

I'm happy with my SBEII, but I wonder if I couldn't be as happy or happier with a gun that kicks less, and has a more duarble finish?


I think if I were a right-handed shooter I would definitely go with the Beretta.


You know the SBEII is one of the "competitiors" in the graphic below. Just a matter of which one.



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sdkidaho, I shot the Beretta Extrema2 in a comparison process with the Benelli. The Beretta is a very good gun. I chose the Benelli over the Beretta for one reason only. The Beretta, to me, seemed muzzle heavy and did not swing as easily as the Benelli. I chose the M2 and do not regret the purchase at all.

I respect tuckers advise, he is always straightforward. Why not rent the guns you want to consider and shoot them at a range. If this is not applicable to your situation, ask some of the people at your local sporting clays range for some advise. Most shooters are willing to help. If we were closer, you could shoot my Benelli at any time.

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Originally posted by tucker301:


Perhaps things will change by the time you've got the finances built back up and Mossberg will be top dog ;)

You suck. :D But point taken. I'm happy to lurk until the finances are built back up and make sure that I get more advice at that point in time, and along the way.


Originally posted by cherok9878:

Why not rent the guns you want to consider and shoot them at a range. If this is not applicable to your situation, ask some of the people at your local sporting clays range for some advise. Most shooters are willing to help. If we were closer, you could shoot my Benelli at any time.

Renting them is a good idea. I don't actually belong to any clubs around here, so I'll have to look into that and see what I can come up. Also, it's very appreciated that you would offer to let me shoot your gun. Thanks smile.gif
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