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BlackBore Tactical HD Chokes

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For those interested, BlackBore Chokes (http://www.blackborechokes.com) now has the Tactical HD chokes for the M2's. The constrictions are Close Range CR (.730"), Mid Range MR (.720") and Extended Range ER (.709").


Of course, I have them for the M4's as well. This also means that the Benelli Crio-type are also available for the Benelli competition shotguns and hunting shotguns.


If there are any questions, please email at [email protected] or call me at (864) 612-8347. The Bright Finish chokes for the Competition Chokes are $60.00 each and the Black Oxide Finish for Competition, HunterPro and Tactical chokes are $65.00 each.


Thanks for your interest and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Mark Andry

BlackBore Chokes

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Mark, just ordered a pair. Website listed a EER, but I made a note to send a ER if one of those wasn't avaiable.


Later, Al

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How far does the hunterpro lt choke stick out of the barrel?


BlackBore HunterPro LT Shotgun Chokes


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