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Super Black eagle cycling problems


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I believe your manual should say required minimum 1 1/8 oz load to get the inertia to work properly. It does also say to use maybe a couple of boxes of heavy loads for break-in period. Some here claim to have action work well below 1 1/8oz after break-in. I personnaly always buy at least 1 1/8oz as my blood pressure does not handle jams very well so I front my extra monies for that piece of mind. Moreso during a hunt. I would not hesitate to go below factory recommendations at the range unless it's for competition.

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My Gunshop owner was instructed by Benelli Rep to tell all customers to shoot 3 boxes of the heaviest loads you ever planned to shot from the shotgun during it's lifetime with you to insure spring memorization so it will allow you to shoot the lighter 1 1/8 oz loads and I did, and now I can shoot 7/8 ounce loads if I want but normally never do but have! With no issues as my shotgun is a 2003 SBEII one of the first SBEII's shipped as I ordered it last quarter of 2003 and it carries a 2003 marking! Shooting this shotgun with 3 1/2 inch Waterfowl rounds is almost as much fun as shooting my Weatherby Accumark in 338-378 with a 250 gr Nosler Partition, both will put a big grin on your face! I also use light synthetic oil and dry lube in different areas as it get's really cold here in the high desert!

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