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Buying a M4, where?


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i've really wanting a M4 for a long, long time and i've decided to treat myself with one. where/who has the best price on a M4?


i've always wanted one with the collapsible stock but i'll just added it later with all the other 922® goodies.





P.S. i got an email from budsgunshop about one.

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P.S. i got an email from budsgunshop about one.


That is where I purchased mine, best price compared to stores in Maryland. You can also save 3% by sending them a check instead of a credit card. Also like their feature of preferred (local too you the buyer) FFL's in your area, best to call 1st to verify FFL rates.


All the luck on your new purchase and be prepared to spend mucho monies. ;)

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I am in the market for another M4 also . What is BGS gettting for them ?


Here is the price quote you requested on our item,

Benelli M4 12ga 18.5" PG GR Sights,

listed on BudsGunShop.com for MSRP:


We will sell it to you for $1,473.00. (The price does include shipping.)

Prices on our website are updated every twenty mins and as a result the price of this item could change.

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