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  1. Mind was red, I bought my M4 back in March.
  2. Update: i was able to take the M4 out for some test shots, didn't have a lot of time. i was just mainly making sure the repair Benelli did fix my problem and it DID! i shot 4 rounds of #6 and 4 rounds #00 it preformed flawlessly. Can't wait til next time when i get to spend more time with the M4.
  3. i used the Benelli oil that came with the M4, is that wrong? is there something better? thanks...
  4. i'm jealous... what part of Texas are you located? thanks...
  5. While waiting to take the M4 out shooting my FFT 922r parts came in. I installed a mag tube, follower, hand guards, trigger group, charging handle, and collapsible stock. Now I'm really inching to go shoot.
  6. Not sure how it got damage but I will check those piston rods if I ever by another M4.
  7. just completed installing my FFT trigger group. thanks for the writeup it very helpful couldn't done without the pics.
  8. update: got my M4 back from Benelli. The note in the return box said, that one has tube had a flat spot so the gas piston rod couldn't slide freely. so they replaced the barrel. can't wait to go out to shoot it.
  9. I did contact Benelli and my M4 is on its way back to them to get fixed.
  10. the gun is new. the gas piston rod was clean.
  11. thanks for all the suggestions but i think i may have found my problem. i've disassemble the M4 and notice that one of the gas piston rod doesn't move like the other side. i was able to hammer it out, then i took the rod that moves freely and put it in the side i had to hammer out and it will go in but not move freely. then i tried the opposite the rod i had to hammer out into the tube that move freely and it would not fit. does this be my problem? i guess my option is to call Benelli and see what they can do for me. thanks, thomas...
  12. I was so excited to go shoot my M4 after drooling for one for many years. I took a box of Winchester #6, Spartan #00, and about 5 Winchester 1oz slugs. I was never to get the gun to shoot more than a couple of shots in a row. A lot of my issues was FTF and when it did fire I get FTE. I even resulted in loading one shell at a time with no improvement. I don't know if I need more of breakin period, different ammo, or if something is wrong with my M4. If I was depending this to defend my home I'd be in a whole mess of trouble, guess I could've use it as a club. Any ideas/suggestions are greatly a
  13. What color are the handguards?Does the price include shipping?Thanks
  14. 6camaro9


    Thanks... just found out the FFT mag tube is on back order.
  15. 6camaro9


    After years longing for one, i bought a M4. Now i want to accessorizes it which means 922r here i come. First, i purchase a collapsible stock so now i need to replace 4 factory parts with USA parts if i understand correctly. i see that FFT offers a trigger group (with 3 USA parts), so i would need 1 more like the follower, or mag replacement, or forends. i guess it wouldn't hurt to have more than 4 USA parts on it. I've seen FFT, CarrierComp offer 922r parts for the M4 does anyone else offer good quality parts? thanks...
  16. I so want this M4 H20 but it's much more than i can afford. GLWS
  17. is it worth getting, I kick myself for not getting the first ones with the cs and full length mag tube. I got an email from them saying that Benelli will not be making those versions anymore, truth to that?
  18. where can i order one at? i've been wanting an M4 for the longest time but when i saw the H2O i fell in love so i must have this one. thanks
  19. SaWeet! time to start saving my money. when will this thing be available to the common folks?
  20. hi, i've really wanting a M4 for a long, long time and i've decided to treat myself with one. where/who has the best price on a M4? i've always wanted one with the collapsible stock but i'll just added it later with all the other 922® goodies. thanks, thomas... P.S. i got an email from budsgunshop about one.
  21. How much with the factory collapsible stock? thanks, thomas...
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