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Cutting new slots into buffer tube?


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First off, let me say thanks to all the knowledgeable forum pros here. I've been lurking for a bit, researching the beloved M4 platform. This age of information is great. In a few nights of researching I have learned a ton. Thanks!


Right now I have ordered the following; a Benelli 11707, a factory collapsible stock, a CarrierComp full length ti tube, a CC follower, a Gisselle hammer, and a CC enhanced handle. None of it has arrived...I'm sure you all understand the anticipation.


Reading up on the buffer tubes, I see there are options for machining new slots into the two position (M1014) tubes. It looks like the 11707 tubes come with three slots. I see people like to use the fully extended position for the iron sights and the middle position for the higher plane of an electronic sight. What I am wondering about is, since new slots can be cut into the tube why don't people machine multiple slots? I'm thinking four or six cuts would allow for a lot more versatility. Of course, I have no experience with the collapsible stock/tube so maybe cutting multiple slots is not even an option. If it is possible, has anyone done it? Do you find it beneficial? What say the hive?

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It is certainly possible to do. The biggest drawback is finding someone capable of doing it that won't be a butcher job. Generally, the 3 position tubes offer enough in terms of LOP adjustment to accommodate everyone. You certainly won't be getting a longer or a shorter LOP by adding additional notches.


You have a great start for an excellent build going.

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Thanks SD. Your posts, along with other knowledgeable members here, helped me understand what the best options are for the M4. I don't want to cut corners on this gun.:cool:


I realize the LOP wouldn't be increased or decreased. I was just thinking I might be neat to have options for the LOP to change every 1/2 inch or so. My thoughts were more for different clothing. Maybe something like; full length for a tee shirt, next notch for a light coat, next notch for a heavy coat, next notch for armor, etc. I have a very competent smith in town that I'm sure could handle the work.


I'm probably over thinking it. The world seems to have gotten along just fine with three positions.

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I can see it certainly being a benefit to have extra notches. Pulling the recoil extension isn't an easy task. It would need to be removed to do the job properly. The extension is stainless, so refinishing back to black would present some difficulties.


It can be difficult to align the groove you want when adjusting the stock. You can't see the groove you're selecting, only the witness line on the extension.

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