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R1 bore cleaning


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I'm glad You liked our posts .

We all know that every new line of rifles on the market is bound to have some minor glitches , especially something so complicated as an autoloader. Nowadays , with proper reload ( 1/2" or less @ 100yds ) my rifle does sub-Moa groups up to 300yds away ( haven't tried any further ;) ) , with that said - factory ammo performance is great also, I must try out some more loads tho .

Every semi-auto requires more care, no matter what brand. I had a "mispleasure" of cleaning a Brownings B.A.R . It took couple of wrenches and screwdriver to make this possible , not to mention 2 hours to make the job complete. I do love BARs, but when it comes to cleaning - it's no contest with Benelli R1.


Those tweaks mentioned in previous posts should help cut down on cleaning time and prolly make your rifle more accurate. So far i haven't come up with anything new ... hmmm guess it's time to purchase a new rifle ?? lol


Good Times~!


Zx14 Vs Hayabusa

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I have 81 rounds thru my R1 30.06. i have not taken it apart to clean it yet, but would take it apart so I could just hold the barrel assembly and clean from breach to muzzle. (as tucker states). I have no XP using a bore guide. At the range, I was using a 30 caliber bore snake every ten rounds on average, also from breach to muzzle. Did not have to dissassemble to use the snake. Those snakes really are God's gift to shooters!

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I strongly recoment using coper remover when cleaning. I cleaned my r1 for the first time the other day after 40 rounds. I can not tell you how many masses it took to get all the fouling out. The 2 other rifles I cleaned at the same time (300 rem ultra mag and 7mm stw ) had many more rounds through them and not near the copper buildup.

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