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To buy a Montefeltro, or not to buy a Montefeltro...that is the question...


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Well, I'm kinda new (note i said kinda, and not entirely) to the sporting clays/ hunting world, and have been in the market for a 12 ga. semi- and I have had my eyes on the Montefeltro; I've held them, and they feel great, but haven't really gotten a chance to shoot one- but I have gotten to shoot my uncle's SBE at a few not-so-lucky ducks, and loved it, and well, how does the Montefeltro "handle" compared to the SBE- I liked the SBE, but the Montefeltro just feels better to me. Thanks, and Later.

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Hi ImmortalBlaze - the two guns are entirely different .. you'ld have to agree to this if you've held/shouldered each as you stated.


what's your definition of "handle" ... ? specifiy a bit for us and we could give you some insight.

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I would go with the feeling better shotgun. As you know the Montefletro can't take 3 1/2" that's the big techinical difference, and if shooting 3 1/2" is important then you might want to consider the SBE II (good luck getting one). I don't think you be will disappointed with either.


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