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Distance on a Nova Rifled Barrel

Roll Tide

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A Nova should be more than capable for your purposes. Whether you use rifled slugs in a smoothbore or saboted bullets in a rifled bbl, the results - if you do your part - will be well within minute-of-deer. Didn't mention if you'll be using any optics or not. Doing so will likely make longer shots a bit easier. Iron sights will be adequate also. For comparison, I have ghostrings on my M1 and it'll cloverleaf 3 shots @ 75yrds. Try a few different loads to see what shoots best in your particular gun. Keep in mind the shotgun is not a long-distance tackdriver.


Good luck!


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Using Remingtons Core Lokt Sabot slug or Winchester's Partition Gold Sabot Slugs for your 20 GA, you should have no problem shooting out 150 yds and taking down deer. THese slugs are only 385 gr, so they sizzle. Optics for long range shooting typically over 75 yds will help with accuracy !!

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If you live in a Shotgun only state heres some recomendations.

Get a 12 gauge rifled barrel shotgun

with rifle sights.

Get some winchester partion gold slugs.

sling and extra thick recoil pad too.


Rifled slugs and smoth barrels guns can't compare to sabots and rifled barrels.


A Scope will help a shotgun dramatically

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