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Remington buck hammer

Liberty or death Jr.

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The Buckhammers are designed for use with rifled barrels and rifled choke tubes.


While it is not likely to harm your smoothbore, they are likely to be inaccurate because there's nothing to impart stabilizing spin on the projectile.


Try some slugs designed fo smoothbores or get yourself a rifled tube.

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Winchester Super X Rifled Slugs

Hollow Point


12 Gauge

2 3/4"



These have given me the best accuracy from my Nova smooth bore with rifle sights.

Can easily cover a 50 yd group of five rds with a 3"X5" index card (as long as I do my part)

I`ve never been inclinced to try saboted slugs since my info shows them as being designed for rifled barrels.


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Liberty or death,


The best way to tell with your particular gun is to buy several different brands. Personally, I have tried Remington Sluggers, Federal Truball, and Winchester SupX. By far the most accurate I found in my smoothbore 20Ga 1100 was the Federal Powershok and the Remington Sluggers. Gonna be testing some Rem. Buckhammers from a fully rifled barrel this week. I'll post the results.

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Apparently, out of the Remington Buckhammers, the Remington Sluggers, the Winchester Super X 3/4 oz (X123RS15), the Federal Truball and the Challenger slugs, the best are the Federal Truball, the Remington Slugger and the Challenger in terms of accuracy with a smoothbore barrel.


I will try these different slugs myself in September as I want to hunt with my SBE (smoothbore) and a Burris SpeedDot 135. It's funny that a gun dealer I know reckon the best slug for a smoothbore is the Buckhammer. I doubt it, but I will have to try it.

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