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M1 Entry Gun Owners: What Ammo Are You Using?


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I'm looking for recommendations/opinions for the best self-defense ammo.


- 00 or 000?

- Anyone found low recoil stuff that functions reliably from an M1 with a 14" barrel?

- Slug recommendations?

- I have to ask...anyone tried 3" ?


Thanks in advance...Batman

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When I carried one on a SWAT Team for several years, I used standard Remington green-hulled 00 buck and 1 oz. slugs.


My particular M1 Entry functioned just fine with Reduced Recoil slugs, but had spotty reliability with Reduced Recoil buck (although several of the Entries issued to other members worked just fine with Reduced Recoil). Our SOP at the time was standard loads only for the M1's, just to be sure.


I was training with my old SWAT Team recently and they are currently using Remington Tac 8 00 buck for the M1's now. It's a standard load, but with 8 pellets instead of 9. Functions great in the Entries and also in my 18.5" M2 Tactical.


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Originally posted by M1014:

serious stuff,,12 gauge federal tactical 000 buckshot,,2-3/4 low recoil,,8 pellets 36 caliber each,,,weighing approx 71 grains apiece,,,,now thats good ammo :cool:

Wow--I have seen the 00 Federal LR Stuff, but have never found the 000 LR stuff. Do you know the SKU? I could not find it on the Federal website.
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