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Snap ring for hammer


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I just replaced the hammer in my M4 for compliance and slightly deformed the little snap ring that holds it in place. I squeezed it back with some pliers, but it is more oval than circular. It seems to hold it in place but it makes me nervous. Does anyone know of a place where I could order a new one or if it is a common size that I could pick up at a hardware store?

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Just bend it back to it looks right and fits tight


Yeah, this will work as it's not a "rocket science" type part, but I can understand OP's anguish, as I am OCD myself.


OP, while you are at this, order yourself a few O-rings for the gas plugs, and an O-ring for your firing-pin retaining pin. You will thank me later when you nick one being careless.





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Oh, for what it is worth, I broke the snap ring in half today. I did not have it opened enough to get it off the hammer roll pin and it simply snapped in half. Yes I was using snap ring pliers. I do not believe it is necessary to have the ring installed to fire the gun as the receiver appears to fit flush on either side of the hammer retaining pin, however, I ordered a couple replacement snap rings from Brownells.

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