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Urbino straight stick in the works


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I'm mostly interested in the possibility of the same stock for an M2, and there are no real issues with the Urbino for that model. I actually prefer a straight stock over a PG, but for me, the shorter LOP was main the selling point.


I've read the threads regarding the fitment issue M4 owners have had with the Urbino, and although they don't seem insurmountable, perhaps they will address the "Urbino 1.0" problems that owners have been having with this stock.


Oddly, after looking for comments on the Mesa forums... I can't find much other than the fouling trigger group and pistol grip shape complaint. The one thing I did find was this, which is a quote from this thread by Mitch at MT.


"The Urbino Tactical stock installs from the rear, like a traditional stock. There's a bolt and a washer.


With the factory stock, the bolt or stud is glued to a nut so that the stock unscrews. With the factory stock, you can remove the stock without tools. With the Urbino Tactical stock, you need a screwdriver, as with any other stock.


Someday if, say, the military asked for it, we might mold a pocket in the rear mount boss to accept a nut that we can glue to a bolt or stud so the Urbino Tactical stock can be installed and removed in the same manner, but at this point it's not even on our radar."


Would you care to comment?




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maybe if its not too much $$$.

my urbino m4 pistol grip stock fits fine and does not come loose.


I'm guessing it will be less or, at worst, the same price.


Can you remove your stock easily, or is it a difficult affair?




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