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After years of waiting and months on order.. it's here!


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Congratulations, looks fantastic. I share your sense of "thrill" with the M4. I just got mine about four weeks ago.


What kind of optic are you running? I'm really interested in installing one on the top rail, though the ghost sites are pretty nice too.


I tried to put my Aimpoint CompM4, on my M4 Benelli, but the Larue mount it is on made it too high up for me to maintain a good cheek weld on the stock.


And, sorry, one more question...how hard it is adding the rails?


I got a large charging handle too, wow, so much easier to use it, a enhanced jumbo head safety, and a nice large bolt release pad. I am going to be installing the safety and bolt release pad today.


I just love me my Benelli Semi-Auto.

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Firstly, I apologize. I should have been more explanatory. I assumed the people here would recognize the item in the photos provided. I provided a # of pics because we all love seeing the details.


KB, you are correct. It is Kip's black variant. Yes, it isn't very black to say but I suppose it's Kip's final effort to provide us with a coating that would stand the test of time and be as "black" as he could get it on top of the titanium. Versus just painting it or otherwise coating it with something to achieve a total black that would eventually wear off. It's much "blacker" than the muted one I assure you. Many of us here know Kip's reputation is of the highest caliber and furthermore he is the only one who makes the perfectly sized 1/2 in bolt handle.


The polished and muted variants have been out for a long time. And I've been here long enough to know that as long as they have been around, people, myself included, have wanted one in black. That said, I've been in line with Kip for a black version for a long time. Soon enough others will have the opportunity as well since they have come to reality now.


Amsdorf, the rails are an all in one hanguard made by Surefire. Not hard to install at all. My optic is a Leupold Deltapoint reflex sight. It's small and awesome. Perfect for a shotgun. Best option IMO. There's other threads here where we have talked about it and other optic options.

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3.5 MOA.. Although I've not tried it. I can only assume the bigger 7.5 MOA would cover too much target at distance for me anyway. Everyone has their prefs.

I went with the Eotech xps the same day someone posted this in another thread! I love Eo but this thing is looking like a better choice specialy the auto turn on function. I think xps is going on m11 and I'm getting on of these for M4


3.5moa is my guess also. What distance do you shoot? Mine would be no more than 20yrds think 3.5 would be good choice for me also

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