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Out With A Bang

The Loss of the Classic Winchester Is Loaded With Symbolism


By Stephen Hunter

Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, January 20, 2006; Page C01!"


And now Winchester is gone too, or at least the most interesting parts of it. The traditional company whose symbol was a fringed rider flying across the plains on a pinto, gripping his trusty Model '73, is finally biting the dust. The entity -- now technically U.S. Repeating Arms, which produces the rifles and shotguns as a licensee of the Olin Corp., which still owns Winchester ammunition -- announced Monday it was closing the plant in New Haven where the rifles and shotguns have been fabricated for a century and a half. Some Winchesters will continue to be built overseas, but three guns -- the classic lever-action rifle of western fame, the bolt-action hunting rifle (called the Model 70) and the Model 1300 pump-action shotgun -- will no longer be manufactured.

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Well ... I'll tell you; I just returned from buying some Remington Hevi-shot 12ga, 3-1/2" turkey loads for 23 bucks a box. I went out to buy a few boxes of Winchester X-tended range stuff BUT ... they raised their price from $26.00 a box to $40.00 YES ... FORTY DOLLARS!!! a box. They SHOULD go out of business for that sort of price gouging!



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Heavy shot runs abot ten bucks a pound. Primers are three bucks a hundred. Powder is about sixteen to seventeen bucks a pound. Once used hulls can be picked up for nothing or purchased reasonably. A reloading machine, can be from seventy five bucks to three hundred fifty.

I shoot four to five thousand rounds per year. I will go with reloads every time. Do the math for your situation. To me $40.00 a box is more than rediculious(sp).

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