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My M4 carrier is off to C-rums


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I had to bring the 870 out of retirement for the time being.


I use the M4 in a monthly IDPA 3 gun match and I got sick of loosing skin on my thumb. Since I now practice week handed reloads 3 or 4 times a week, thought it was time to send in the carrier.


Pics will come if anyone is interested.

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funny you say, since the 870P was going to be my HD shotgun of choice for the next couple of weeks, I ran it through some reload and manipulation drills. Dont get me wrong 870s are tried and true, but I now appreciate the smoothness of Benellis more then ever.


I have become so comfortable with the M4, its weird going back to the 870.

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Would like to see pics, I notice mine is difficult to load as well.


If you look at the last photo in the second link provided by stockplayer, you can see a C-Rums mod'ed carrier.


By the way, Kevin Holman in the Enos forum did a nice job on documentation of his latch mods.




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