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300 win mag R1


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Just got a 300 win mag R1 and was wondering how everyone is doing on long range shots with factory barrel? I was trying to get good groups at 300 yards and was having some difficulty... I had 10 or so shots down range so my barrel was hot and I had a slight cross wind with 150 grain bullets


How much accuracy loss do you see with a hot barrel?


What rounds does your gun like?


Did you adjust factory 8 lb trigger?

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I've had my .300 Winmag for about 6 years, 24" barrel. I've never seen accuracy decrease with the barrel getting hot. That cryo treatment on the steel really helps that - much better than other semi auto hunting rifles I've had.


The rifle is not that finicky about ammo, you will probably get to narrow it down to 4 or 5 brands/weight that you will find shoot well out of it. I have found, like many .30 caliber rifles, that 165 gr. shoot best for me (also in my .30-06 R1 barrel). The ammo I shoot the best at the range (all 165 gr) are Hornady Interlock/Interbond, Fusion, Barnes TSX (not as good as the other two), bonded Core-lokt, Federal premium Nosler Partition or Trophy Bonded Bear Claw. It absolutely hates cheap Eastern Block ammo, winchester white box, and even Federal soft points. If I have to change bullet weight, I'll go to 180's which shoot Ok, but 150's don't fare well in my .300 wm. I've been taking the Fusions deer hunting lately, as the Hornady TSX's don't expand as fast on blacktail deer.

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