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Suggestions/Advice for Selection of Sidearmor


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OK, I've been reading up a lot on various options that Sidearmor offers and am leaning towards the rail mount with the saddle that holds 8 shells.


Sidearmor Mod 3 Quick Detach Extended Short Rail (includes 6 Round Quick Detach Shell Module) for Be...




Any advice? Thoughts? Advantages/disadvantages of this particular model? Why 8 instead of 6?



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The 'extended' short rail you linked to is longer than the receiver, extends out over your barrel. It looks sh*t and, more significantly, I think it's a snag hazard. Not a fan. There must be some reason to use it but I don't know what it is.


If you want a rail that is the same length as the OEM then get the regular model.


As for 8 vs. 6, there aren't any hidden differences that I'm aware of. If you like the two extra shells then go for it. I think it gets a bit unwieldy with an 8 shell carrier and 7 in the tube but it's your gun so do whatever serves you. You've already got that forend and plastic grip on there so the extra weight might be negligible.

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Take a look at this system. It weighs nearly nothing, and it will easily remove from the weapon when not needed. So you won't be adding all the girth to the receiver.


For every shell you add to the weapon, you are adding 2 ounces of weight. So if you add an 8 shell carrier, not even counting the weight of the carrier system itself, you are adding a pound of weight.


Older model SideArmor setup.


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