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  1. I am much more comfortable handling a shotgun with a field stock so: M4 with field stock x2. Different slings because I'm trying some different setups to see which 2 point sling I prefer. Not a fan of the single-point sling on these pigs. The bottom gun I got used from a member here - the full length mag tube gets installed this week, and I'll get an AVA light mount and light (Elzetta Alpha if it fits - I haven't checked yet) for it in the next couple months.
  2. Case

    M4 For Sale $1300

    How much use has this thing seen? Approximate round count is fine. Did you install the mag tube and then take it back to original? Or got the tube and never got around to installing it? How much for the gun, ti mag tube and field stock? The c stock is a no go where I live. PM me. I'll see if i can swing it. Cheers, -case-
  3. Had a T1 on there, switched back to plain irons. The T1 was not suited to my intended use. If you're using NV then: T1. Or whatever the latest iteration of the T1 is. T2?
  4. You got a Benelli M4 for sale? I'm in the market for a used one. I saw the barrel (I think that was your barrel) but I wanted the whole gun. Back on topic: that gouge is why I don't buy a 'like new' M4 off gunjoker.
  5. Case


    You will not have this issue with the Tactical Shotgun Solutions (formerly Sidearmor) parts. They are beautifully machined and well made. I had one for a while and if you want to use a solid sidesaddle then I think it is a good choice. It DOES make the gun heavier but that may or may not be a factor depending on your POU.
  6. False. The gun will jam if not properly lubed. It does require some break but after that you can put all manner of flare on the pig and it will cycle.
  7. I didn't know about the barrel. I thought it was just the choke. Internals are the same. But the flag marking is bad a$$. I would buy one if it didn't have the cstock.
  8. Good thread. Nice writeup, good pics. Not surprised you switched away from the surefire forend for the AVA tactical configuration. Unrelated: I love that Werkes put a S&B short dot on the 14". That is next level.
  9. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing those.
  10. What you said. I'm not against it in principle, but I'm going to let someone else do the testing and if it passes then I will probably pick one up.
  11. He's always in such a hurry to re-holster, which I don't get. Is he practicing gun games or training tactical shooting? I'm all for speed shooting and using the timer but what's the rush to put your gun away? Aside from all that: he can shoot. He does some 'tactical' rolls in another video that are good for a laugh. That's a non-starter in my book. One thing I had not seen was lifting the jacket from behind instead of sweeping it with the gun hand. I actually liked this for a heavy garment. It's not perfect because you have to shoot one handed but if you practice it I could see it being effective.
  12. Glad this got bumped. It looks fantastic and I enjoyed reading about the work you did on the gun to get it feeding right. Doing the work is another matter, so thanks for the detailed posts.
  13. It seems odd to me that your OCD doesn't seem at all affected by that hideous drawer liner that, for some reason, you thought would be a good fit on your shotgun but you're bent out of shape (pun intended) because it's bending the mag tube. That is questionable judgment. Won't the wear marks (they are not 'scratches') on the mag tube be hidden by the clamp anyway? Get the 3m tape. It's very thin and will prevent this issue. And don't tell anyone about that abomination with the drawer liner.
  14. Possibly ammo. Hadn't thought about the gas system / port but I should have since I put it together. I was testing using PMC 5.56 (xtac?) to try and get a consistent result. Hopefully it is just teething issues and the buffer - I don't really want to rebuild the upper but I will if I have to. Won't be certain until I get some more trigger time. I am building a similar rifle. Waiting on the 15" KMR rail to be released this summer, ordered a White Oak Armament DMR 1:8 20" barrel last week. Lead time on the barrel is 3 months. The lower is done, the upper is still airware. Let me know what you decide on the rest of the parts. Curious to hear how it turns out.
  15. I got out to the range on the day taxes were due and shot the frankengun and another mix and match upper/lower I put together. Accuracy was great from both but my H2 buffers were a bit heavy so the guns were short cycling occasionally. It would eject the spent case but not feed a new round, nor lock back on an empty mag. Put in a lighter buffer and no issues. After about 1000 rounds I will try the h2 buffer again. The guns are both brand new so the H2 buffer was probably optimistic. Anyway, ignore the ugly towel that lives in back of my car. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2592[/ATTACH]
  16. zip is 92627. I pm d you my email - please contact me there. Let me know here if you didn't get the pm w my email.
  17. I have the original m4 pistol grip stock and attachment hardware (bolt, washer) in like new condition. I would like to trade it for the m4 field stock. Condition does not have to be like new; used is fine. Pm me for info and photos. I feel a direct trade is fair. If you don't agree (and have a field stock to trade) pm me and we can work it out. CONUS only.
  18. You guys listed a bunch of brands that I've never heard of and probably cost so much that I would be crushed if I lost it or had to, heaven forbid, use it. I carry a Benchmade Griptilian in either size for edc and have a mix of ESEE and Survive Knives and Benchmade fixed blades for my other gear. Mostly buy only Survive Knives fixed blades these days but they take a long time to show up. Excellent knives though. Superb value for money.
  19. I carry a knife too but I don't go to blade show. I don't get on the knife forums either. Not super into it like that. Stick to the handful of brands that have worked for me and I feel are a good value. I don't have time to dig around in it because I'm not a collector.
  20. That is some serious mustard. Your friend had excellent taste in firearms. He trusted you with them, which is a great honor. No doubt he is missed. You have my condolences.
  21. Looks great. The rail looks really nice filled in with the covers. And snag free. Looking forward to the finished product.
  22. I have built a few things since this thread got started but this is the only one I have a picture of. Nothing as nice or unique as the stuff already posted. Just a regular 14.5 AR with my preferred parts. It's my only 14.5 and while the handguard is light the gun as a whole is not. I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet; hopefully in the next couple weeks. Lower: Mega arms billet with ambi bolt release LMT SOPMOD Stock BAD Ambi safety levers Giessele SSA trigger BCM Mod 0 grip Magpul ASAP sling plate BAD enhanced takedown pins H2 buffer (can't remember if I used the generic spring in or a Damage Industries spring - I think generic) Radd lock mag release, because CA Upper: Mega arms billet Raptor charging handle LMT BCG 13" Noveske NSR handguard YHM gas block and generic tube Wilson Combat 14.7" barrel Wilson Combat Flash Suppressor pinned and welded Aimpoint T1 4 MOA on a Larue mount Troy BUIS (not pictured)
  23. In. If I win I will have to get another shotgun. Yikes.
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