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AIMPOINT T-1 WITH A.R.M.S. #31 Mk. II Throw-Lever Mount & Spacer on BENELLI M4


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Hello everyone,


I've got a Benelli M4 with an Aimpoint T-1 installed on it with the factory mount.


The thing is that I've been thinking in buying the following optionals; Trow lever mount and Spacer from ARMS, for a faster acquisition of the target, in the same way of AR-15 platforms is used.


But surfing on internet I've found the attached image. As you can see in the picture, It said that 'mount as low as possible.....will not work properly with standard uppers for AR-15 platforms'.


Could anyone explain me where will be the problem (if this exists)?.


I've been looking for any kind of explication, and the only answer that I've found, was a problem with a possible appearance of parallax error. But the facturer of T1 (aimpoint) afirms that this system is absolutelly free of this kind of problem.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



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Why the need for the spacer on top of a ARMS #31 mount? I have the T-1 mounted on just the ARMS #31, no spacer. Somewhere I read that the ARMS #31 is lower than the LaRue, so that's what I went with. The only thing I dont' like about the #31 mount is that the throw lever is very difficult to pull with your bare finger(s). With the c-stock in the middle position check weld is right on, instant sight picture with 2 moa red dot centered. Of course YMMV.

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First at all, thanks for your answers and your time.


I thought that having the spacer installed, this would make me easier the target acquistion due to the position of the head and by other side, I'm looking for a more ergonomic position, because sometimes I have to lower it too much with the factory mount and this is not very comfortable for me.


This is the reason, and that is why I'm wondering if the installation could be affect in some way as the accuracy of the optic system as the shooting technique.


Thanks again,



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