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What Goodies Should I Add to My M1 with 21 inch Barrel??


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Hey all,


Now that I have my M1 with the length of barrel I have always wanted, a 21 inch, I am wondering what I should add to it. I am not a competition shooter and will be using this shotgun for fun at the ranges and home defense.


Right now it is stock, no add ons at all. Here is what I am thinking about:


1. Extended mag tube. Don't want to get too crazy though.

2. Barrel clamp with the tube that will hold a light, Maybe.

3. New Bolt handle just cause they look better

4. Don't know about a side saddle. I don't think my M1 is drilled and tapped for one that has the rail on top.


So what would you all suggest I do? Any pics of your built up Benelli scatterguns? I'd like to see what you all have done as well.





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Buy a shorter 18.5" barrel with rifle sights + 2 shot extension, and you can later convert it back to a field gun.

Keep the gun as simple as it is without any tacticool stuff and slings that may block your handling when you need it extremely fast. Let the charging handle be as it is, because aftermarket ones can be too large and clumsy. Sidesaddles scratch up the receiver and you can have it cruiser loaded in your night stand if you want, and your weapon will be serviceable faster than loading it from the sidesaddle.


18.5" with rifle sights


Benelli M1 with pistolgrip stock


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