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Value of NIB unfired M1 Super 90 Tactical with 18.5 inch barrel??


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back in the day mine came as you describe with 2 shot tube sans ghost rings for out the door price of $700ish..if its "HK" marked some will pay more..hard to say value as somebody here just paid $600ish for super 90 which was a steal..id try $1300 and go from there (craigslist rule always applies)-god speed


ps: these guns were in short supply even back then..i called up benelli customer service (back then they had a human answer the phone) and they gave me all the part#'s for a conversion on a super 90 field gun i owned..went into the local benelli dealer and ordered PG stock and several 4 shot and 2 shot tubes and walked away with a loss of about $125..never got around to converting my field gun and all that old "junk" still sits in the safe unopened (no it aint for sell)

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I wouldn't really say this gun has "collectible" value, fired or not. You would only probably get the going rate of 650 to 800 bucks, MAYBE more from someone in a ban state. I know they're listed for more on GunBroker, etc., but I don't know if they're actually getting more. I've seen some listed for months without going anywhere. I've bought used/new ones like yours for around 700 over the last couple of years. Now days, the ones that are getting the higher prices are the field guns with 21 inch barrels as starter guns for 3-gun competition.

Does it have a two-piece magazine tube or a single, full length tube? That matters to some. The difficulty with the older one piece tube is that you have to remove it from the receiver to replace the spring. I've got one of those but I've never removed the mag tube and it's still going strong with the original spring.

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