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M1S90...How to Remove Butt Pad??


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Hey all,


I have an M1S90 that I have been looking to put a shell holder on. I don't really like the side plate models that use the pins. I also can't use the ones that rely on drilled and tapped holes on the top of the receiver.


I have found one that I like, it's made by Mesa Tactical. It's a 4 round model that is made to fit in the slot that's in the Stock of the M1S90. It's where the sling is attached. If you look closely you can see that slot is cut all the way through and you will see a solid rod that is there to hold the stock on. That rod also holds the shell holder in place when you put it back.

You can check out the model I am talking about here:



OK, the problem is the butt pad. I looked at mine pretty closely and it appears that they are GLUED on. I couldn't find any screws that secure it to the rear of the stock. So I'm guessing if I want to use this particular shell carrier I have to forcibly remove the butt pad, install the carrier and then figure out how to replace the pad where it will look as good as new.


Does anyone know how to get this pad off and then back on again without it looking cheap and terrible when done?


If I can't get this carrier on without spending for a new butt pad, I am probably going to go with one of the velcro side saddles.


Any ideas about the pad?


Thanks for the help.



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Unless someone has modified it, M1 recoil pads are screwed on. You should notice a couple of tiny holes at each end of the recoil pad. Put a drop of oil on the tip of a medium sized phillips screwdriver (for ease of inserting into the rubber pad), run it in one of the holes and start feeling around until it seats on the screw head. Start turning counter-clockwise. Repeat at the other end.


Oh yeah. That "solid rod" that holds the buttstock on? That's the recoil spring tube.

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