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M-2 Super 90's not holding shells


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my dept has has 8 M-2 super 90s. lately several of the guns will no longer hold 5 rounds in the mag tube, The guns did when they were new. (2009). I am at a loss as to why this is happening . The ammo in question is 2 3/4 field loads, buckshot or slug. anybody have any ideas wy this is happening? The 5th round just wont fit into the mag tube

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Hi Stinx, We've often seen similar problems described by forum members who have just installed full length tubes and can't get the 8th round in.


There are variations in length of 2 3/4" shells. In some cases if the variation is say...1/8" and then you multiply that by the number of shells in the tube, it adds up to not enough room for the last round.


Is your department using a different brand of shells than it has in the past? I supposed even if it is the same brand that has always been in use there could be variations in different lots from the same manufacturer....Anyway... since you said the problem extends to multiple M2 shotguns not just one, I'd suspect shell length is the culprit. Try a couple other brands and report back.


Take Care,


Hookster :)

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I tend to agree with Hookster. Once I lined up one shotshell from every brand I had, plus some from the same company purchased in diffrent years. Then I placed a ruler on top of the tallest shell (all unfired). All the shells

except 2, had different heights. That was an eye opener.

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Graphic Illustrations, all "2 3/4" length. Very small differences per shell add up.


Federal Vital Shok full power OO Buck - Will barely load 7 in full length M4 mag tube with absolutely no room to spare - sometimes the 7th won't make itLength-1.jpg


Federal LE 13200 Low Recoil OO Buck - Will not load 7th shell at all - will be necessary to shorten the magazine spring to get them all in thereLength-2.jpg

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