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New to Benelli!!!


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Hello fellow Benelli'ens...LOL.


New to Benelli and had the pleasure of shooting an M2 Tactical a few weeks ago...fell in love but not with the price.


So now I'm looking at the SuperNova. Not interested in hunting, mine are for home defense. The family shoots a range of firearms from 9mm, 40cal, 12ga, 30-06, 30-30 and a couple of .300Wby's in case I want to reach out and touch someone. We chose (with some input from me) those because of the availability of the rounds. Except for the Weatherby of course. I'm ex-military and law enforcement so I've shot everything up to a .50cal.


So for someone with short pockets...why should I choose Benelli??? And if I can't offord one which brand or model should I look at???


I know this it will be tactical and in 12ga...and I would like to mix the chamber with slugs and shot. Will the SuperNova give me at least this??? Or will I have to look at one of the more pricey ones??


I welcome all comments since I'm still in the deciding stage.


Obtw: I came to Benelli because everytime I mention the name everyone cracks a big smile and say "Now that's a fine shotgun"...or something like that but you get the picture.

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Model 12 alone fall in tons of make and models. Which one in particular??


Just a plain jane Winchester Model 12 with the barrel cut off to 18.5", magazine holds 6 rounds w/o the plug, and there's no disconnector so it will slam fire. Plus the Model 12 is extremely reliable and has a solid track record on the battlefield up to and into the 'nam.


just have to ask.....Auto or Pump???


My one Benelli is a M4 aka 'the money pit'.

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Thank you for the greatings Hookster....


Yea, the M2 tactical was what I shot earlier in the month...and that's what got me looking further into Benelli. I really, really like that shotgun and if I could afford an auto that would be it.




Your letting out your age....LOL. And yes without even thinking I've ignored a tried, true and tested shotgun. I'm old Army (95B) and I think we had both the Remington and the Winchester. But not to knock our fathers old shotgun it's time to graduate...LOL.


M1, M2 or M4...yea sure...LOL. I doubt no deal out there for under a grand. Do they even make the M1 anymore??

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