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Barrel interchangeability? M1,M2.M3


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Can anyone comment on barrel interchange between models? My Shotgun has a M1 style receiver. Will M2 or M3 barrels fit? what is the difference with the pump/auto M3? I am also still looking for a m1 barrel extension for a project gun. Thanks. If this info is in a faq please tell me the search term as barrel interchange revealed 0 results. Thanks in advance.

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Read the entire thread for the answer regarding M1/M2 barrels. I've never had a M3 but I think the barrel lug mounting is different than the M1 due to the semi/pump switch mechanism. Short answer to your question: M2 barrel will fit a M1 receiver. You must use a M2 forearm, or modify the M1 forearm as shown in the thread above. The M2 forearm will fit some of the older M1's but not all due to differences in the external dimensions of the magazine tubes.

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