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Serial Number and Age

Texas Hancock

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Shotgun? Proof marks are your best bet. I've found this list to be useful although I can't vouch for its complete accuracy. There's a small square on the bottom of the receiver just above the trigger guard that contains the letters. In the case of my M1's and M2's it appears accurate based on my knowledge of when I got the guns.


Date of Manufacture

AA 1975

AB 1976

AC 1977

AD 1978

AE 1979

AF 1980

AH 1981

AI 1982

AL 1983

AM 1984

AN 1985

AP 1986

AS 1987

AT 1988

AU 1989

AZ 1990

BA 1991

BB 1992

BC 1993

BD 1994

BF 1995

BH 1996

BI 1997

BL 1998

BM 1999

BN 2000

BP 2001

BS 2002

BT 2003

BU 2004

BZ 2005

CA 2006

CB 2007

CC 2008

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Matthew, all I can say is that chart above shows 1989 which was before the 1993 AWB so I'd call it pre-ban. I don't recall any other bans for shotguns. I think the best part is the factory early models can stay that way without having to worry about 922r compliance with changed parts to make the same thing.

I have a couple of M3T's. Those are the top fold tactical folders that are quite uncommon, maybe even rare. I've heard all kinds of numbers for them, with most saying 180 of them in the USA and allegedly used at nuclear power plant facilities. That is all hear-say though so take it for what it's worth. 20200423_120155.thumb.jpg.53c68a573c22c8749dde86296fb02dc2.jpgas for use at nuclear

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