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2012-13 Hunting Season Pictures


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I wasn't going to respond because I have yet to game with my Benelli (just got it this year and Turkey season doesn't open until April), but since you asked about hunting season, here is how the year has been so far for me:




Thumbs up, Copenhagen!


Hey, Benelli related or not - this is about sharing our hunting season with one another in the Benelli community here.

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Doe from Sunday evening (18th) opening weekend.




Exit - no ruined meat besides the ribcage plate muscles



CMMG MK3 18" SST .308 w/Eotech EXP S3 sight and 1st gen G23 multiplier on the Sampson flip-away mount - Federal Fusion 180grn


note: won't let me type "E-X-P-S-3" together for some reason..

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Unusually slow thread these days..?.. Toss another one up. Had to pull this one off the phone to share.


My Wirehairs are behind the camera so its me (part-of), a marsh bird, ol' 'tank' (Lab), my pre-Benelli Franchi Alcione SL-12 sporting.. and my buddy's finger..



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Took a little spike this morning with the 300: Barnes110GrainVORTX300BLKDeer07Dec2012.jpg 3rd kill for 300 BLK this year. I am telling you, they should have named the cartridge the 300 SATAN, because you could drop the suppressor into that exit cavity and have had room to spare on both sides. The 110 Grain Barnes VORTX "Barrier Blind" bullets really do the trick when it comes to Southern Whitetails.

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Lol, he's actually going to be a succulent batch of mesquite smoked jerky.


I hope you're not slicing those tenderloins into Jerky.. I'll trade you some nice clean hind quarter for the two back straps! lol




cut 'em 1-1/2" thick

kosher salt /fresh ground pepper only

* brush w/melted butter

HIGH-N-HOT charcoal grill

sear both sides to Rare/Med-Rare finish.. never over cook.



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