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Another Range Report, Boring.

Old Salt

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Just kidding, love shooting my Benelli M2 Tactical. Went to the range with another 100 rounds of Winchester Universal low brass shells I picked up at Wal-Mart. Plus 15 Remington 1oz slugs and 15 Remington 00 buck. I now have a total of 350 rounds through my M2 and it has yet to have any type of malfunction. I even tried to get it to FTF or FTE by shooting 30 low brass loads from the hip, loose grip from the hip even a few from the hip holding the pistol grip one handed, what ever I could like of to trip up the inertia system,they all cycled perfectly. This gun is now my go to home defense weapon, loaded with 2 ¾ Remington 00 buck. And my new Nordic BFB operating handle I added worked great. Sorry for another boring range report.:):)

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