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M2 Tactical Question


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I am new to the forum as well as a new owner of a M2 Tactical.

I browsed through almost all the posts and have learned quite a lot.


But, I still have a question. I can only fit three 2 3/4, 12g shells into the magazine tube. Am I wrong to think that the tube should be able to hold 5 shells? Do I need to shorten the spring?


Thanks ahead of time and looking forward to participating in the forum.

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I have taken it apart and there is no plug inside the tube. Just the follower.

Could it be that the spring is too long?

If you bought it used, anything's possible.

*Take the spring out, put the extension back on and put the spring up against the mag tube. The spring should probably be about 12-14 inches longer than the tube.

*Look at the spring. Are both ends wound and flat or does one end look like it has been cut off? If it's been cut it probably isn't original. Get an OEM spring from Brownells.

*If someone put a Wollf spring in there without shortening it then it's probably waaay too long.

Otherwise, I got nuthin either.

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First of all, I thank you guys for taking the time out to help me figure this out.

Second. You folks sure know your stuff!


I removed "everything" from the magazine tube, including the "three shell limiter". Now I can feed five shells into the tube. I did this previously but must have developed a brain fart at the time, since I totally ignored the restricter.


Yesterday I took the M2T to the range, it worked flawlesly just like everyone on this forum says. The shoulder is a bit sore today but it'll be fine tomorrow.


Thanks again.

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