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Rhino Choke - fits both Xtrema and SBEII?


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I ordered a SBEII Rhino Turkey Choke from Wing Supply. When I got the choke the invoice says Beretta Xtrema/Benelli SBEII Rhino Turkey Choke BUT on the actual choke it says Beretta Xtrema only ... on the package it says Beretta Xtrema and it's checked off but where it says Benelli SBEII there is no check mark. I called Wing Supply and they were no help at all ... very rude over the phone and had no intention to help out. So I decided to call Rhino and see what they have to say and lady over the phone said it "should" fit .. she didn't seem to convincing! The choke does fit the SBEII but I want to make sure it fits correctly. Can anyone tell me if this choke is interchangeable with both the SBEII and Xtrema?





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Yes, you bought the right choke, and a great one at that. What constriction did you buy? .660 I hope. The .660 Rhino loves XR's in #6.


Here's the deal;


The Xtrema I & II and SBE II share the same choke system. It's the Optima Plus system for Beretta. Benelli calls it CrioChoke, but some call it Crio Plus for clarity.


They interchange just fine, but remember that the name of the choke (IC/M/F, etc.) will only apply to the gun it was made for because the Optima Plus is for a back-bored gun and the Crio Plus is not.


In your case, the choke should just say .660 or .670 or whatever. I would imagine they will add the SBE II name someday.


Did you talk to Margaret at Rhino? I cannot imagine she would say it 'should' fit. Doesn't sound like her. She knows more about chokes than anyone I have ever talked to. But, I imagine they are swamped this time of year, so be patient.


mudhen - CA

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Mudhen I purchased the .660 .. I took your advice from a previous post. They sent me a 2" instead of the 1" ... makes the barrel look so long LOL. No big deal.


Not sure who I spoke with. Thanks for the lesson on Beretta/Benelli chokes LOL!



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This is killer info !

I havnt had my SBE II for a week and am ready to get a jump on turkey choke for this year !


So if i read all of these post correctly, the optima plus choke system and the crio chokes are 1 and the same ?


I am looking at getting a patternmaster for it so i will just buy a used 1 for a beretta optima !

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