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Just wondering what the deal is with all the spamming lately.

It seems that the current moderator(s) can't keep up with these useful (sarcasm) spam posts. (no offense)

I vote we grant post deleting powers (internet guns (Benelli)) to one or two regular forum members (cool one(s)) to delete these posts and keep this forum nice and clean.

First person that comes to mind is Hookster, he's level headed (usually) and is a good guy (girl). And he won the hat last time and that shows internet skills (joke) but seriously.

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Benelli mgmt. has advised that they have zero interest in having volunteer forum members police the spam. Instead the word is "we're working on our spam filters". Additionally, if it becomes too much of a 'headache' for them they've already discussed the possibility of simply doing away with the forum(s).


As it stands right now, apparently the spammers *own* this forum.

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"Doing away with the forums"? Because of spammers? LOL!! How is that in Benelli's best interest? It was the forum that helped me and many others decide on what benelli gun to buy. Not to mention to buy a Benelli in the first place!


Go to the source.


Check your PMs.


Reading these forums influenced me to buy a new Benelli M4 too.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence Super! I'd be happy to take on the task but it sounds like that's not a direction they want to go in. Sadly, I believe at the moment, Sukhoi is correct... We are somewhat at the spammers mercy. Hopefully it will be a little more under control after the holiday season passes. BTW... I might not have bought my M4 had it not been for the forum too.




Hookster :)

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although i agree with hookster as a moderator i dont think its that big of a deal to see spam. its not like this fourm is so busy you have to hunt for a post,lol

do i like spam no but I wouldnt worrie to much about it after Xmas it will go back to normal.

My fitness board is being attacked so much you wouldnt mind these few posts. I delete 20 -30 a day and I have 3 other mods that probably do more.

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