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Sidearmor removable 6 shell rail


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Santa brought me this very nice accessory for my m4. My question is this. It looks like when you replace the stock rail with this one, part of it rests on the side of the receiver. Now i know its not going to move around but is it going to destroy the finish on the gun? I mean if i ever remove it permanently will it look be scared where it was mounted. I had looked at one from mesa tactical and it had foam on the back. Seemed that the design of this one got better reviews.


Thank you and merry christmas!

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If it's anything like the Mesa Tactical one, there is a gap between the carrier and receiver. They don't actually touch so there is no finish damage to be concerned about.


Here's my M4 with the Mesa Tactical carrier and integral rail. As you can see, it looks like the carrier is against the receiver, but it isn't actually.Benelli_M4_1_internet.jpg

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Thank you. I had looked at a mesa tactical and noticed it had foam squares on the back. I will mount it and see. Thanks.


The Mesa Tactical model for the M4 doesn't include the foam backing because it doesn't touch the receiver. Those I have on my Remington 870 and Mossberg 930 SPX both came with the protective backing because they make direct contact with the receiver.

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