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If I buy 14inch barrel for family member, will he be able to take it with him on tour


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Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster...


Family member is headed back to Afghanistan for the second time even after being injured by an IED twice. Apparently since he didn't lose consciousness the last time the military says he still good to go...


Anyway... If I buy him a 14inch barrel will he be able to take it with him? I know he gets a standard issue 1014 with the 18in bareel while he is there, but I would feel a hundred times better knowing that he has an entry barrel. He is usually the one they send into some sticky situations(caves) first because of his small stature. I know they have to do a lot of clearing in villages too or what not.


I would ask him myself but I want this to be a gift and Im sure he would find a way to talk me out of it. I have been trying to buy whatever I can for him before he leaves. I just bought him a benchmade knife and some other things. I have seen the barrels selling for about a thousand dollars on GB and GA so I figured I would ask here before I try to find one and spend the money. I wouldnt want to get stuck with it and I would not want him to get into any trouble with his superiors. Why don't they issue the 14inch M4s to them as standard? I cant see it being a cost issue when it comes to defense spending.


Thank you everyone and I hope you can help.

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Logistically, he would run into trouble. The issued M1014 has a full length magazine tube installed. So the 14" would not fit without swapping the tube out for a shorter length model. It would come down to what his field commander authorized or looked the other way to.


Chances are, his field commander would not permit this kind of modification.

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Honestly, I'd think of something else to get him.


The chances are slim to none he'll be able to use it and, realistically, it would provide little to no benefit over the standard 18" barrel, but it would lower the already inherently low ammo capacity of his M1014, as already mentioned by StrangerDanger.

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