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M-Pro 7 on my M4


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The LPX product is excellent at everything. I might would use a light grease on the cam-pin and BCG rails, though. However, the LPX is a very solid choice. I would not at all have a problem just using that. It's what I use on all of my Noveske M4's. It does great. Last time, I ran my M4 1600+ rounds in a 3-day course using the LPX product, and it didn't have a single problem other than two caused by me, 1 bad reload (slammed the mag in and a round came loose and double-feed resulted as a round was not fully seated/snagged on the pouch when I pulled it out, is my theory) and me babying the CH forward 1 time (I was tired and screwed up, my fault, obviously it didn't strip a round).


Here is how the weapon looked---still functioning flawlessly after 3 days at 1600+ rounds with NO added lube and NO cleaning:





This took place at Viking Tactics Carbine 1.5 in November.

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Notice how even after 3 days at 1600+ rounds it's still wet? Good stuff. Protects pretty well against corrosion, too. Only slightly less effective than Breakfree CLP, which isn't nearly as good a lube, but is an insane corrosion prevention chemical.


Also goes to prove that a dirty M4 runs just fine and they aren't all "super sensitive" like some people seem to think they are. I was able to SLOWLY hand-cycle it (empty) and it would fully seat the bolt, etc. Very much still G2G.

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