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Benelli M2 3 shot plug & modifications


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Hi everyone,


Just picked up a Benelli M2 Tactical! Quick question on removing the 3 shot hunting plug/regulator, which piece do I leave in to keep the spring in place? So far the middle piece (shown in picture) seems to work best. Please let me know if I did it correctly.






Also, any common modifications that is a must?


Thank you,


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Also, any common modifications that is a must?

Thank you,


Common mods? Common kinda depends on your personal level of practical vs. tacti-cool.



  • Most fit an aftermarket higher capacity mag tube... and sometimes a better follower. Nordic, DMW and Briley are the popular higher quality pieces.
  • Some will fit a larger bolt handle, a larger slide release button or DMW "speedbar". Lots of styles and makers here... your call.
  • If the stock is too long, The Mesa Tactical "Urbino" PG stock is nearly 2" shorter. If you don't like PG, MT will be coming out with a Urbino type straight stock... "project apache", in the next 6 months.
  • Other options are a 1913 rail if you want to mount some sort of holo/reflex sight. Mesa Tactical.
  • A barrel/mag clamp if you want to mount a light. Nordic is a good one.
  • Night sights. A few makers.
  • Side saddles. Several makers with varying quality and fitment methods.


Modifications to the receiver for faster loading, including modified lifters to prevent "thumb pinch" if you have that problem. C-Rums, Accurate Iron, Wheaton Arms and Taran Tactical are a few 'smith services that support 3-gun competitors.




That's about all I got... there's other stuff you can do, but no point in overloading your new "M2T brain" just yet. ;)




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