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Tee Shirt

M4-Desert Camo

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Well lets see it ... those print your own iron-ons don't last nearly as well as the commercial ones.


lol when I mentioned it here I got blasted as a spammer or something like that. I personaly would never do iron on but some are not that bad not like they used to be.

I use a print tec called discharge. the ink is water based and removes the shirt color (only works on dark shirts) and dyes it with the color chose. do this on a ringspun cotton shirt and what you get is a super soft tshirt where you do not feel the print.

I am not sure if you have seen thoes 90$ Tshirts called Affliction? same exact tecnique.

I make MMA shirts as a hobbie also

I am in the middle of printing some other gun shirts for a buddy but it has a AK 47 on it but the shirts is super funny I wish I could take credit for it but he told me what to do. this shirt he wanted low number so to keep cost down regular cotton shirt with reg plastisol print. Maybe I will post that one afterr its printed as it is not for sale by me so I cant get yelled at,lol

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