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Winchester 3"/1 oz. slug/1,760 fps muzzle velocity - yeehaw


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Pushing those kinds of slugs that fast result in a frangible projectile. IF that's your goal, go for it. I used some of Winchester's HP slugs advertised at 1700fps or some such one time and they wouldn't make it through but about 1-2 milk jugs filled with water at 15 yards. Third jug was un-harmed. Regular fosters are almost just as bad. Drive them slower, and they penetrate better because they don't turn into a doughnut, but rather "compact" on themselves and expand radially a bit. I use standard velocity 2.75" 1oz slugs from Remington on the cheap, and Brenneke Classic Magnums when I feel spendy.

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No problem. Slugs are not just slugs. The fosters and their ilk do very poor on the penetration thing, until velocities drop, and then they have such a large frontal area and low KE/Velocity, that they still don't do as well as one might think. For deer and people and such, that's no big deal, but for large bear and things like that, its a fool that goes afield with fosters instead of Brenneke's or the equivalent.

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