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Aimpoint on SBE2?

Ryan 1995

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I just got my new SBE2 comfortech in synthetic with a 26" barrel. I know some of you guys dont believe in optics on a shotgun but there are a few of you guys that do. If i am going to invest into an optic, would the micro T1 be the best one? I also want something that can easily be removed so i can shoot clays or birds. I want to get into hunting coyotes and it sems like this would be a nice addition to my gun. What are your opinions? Its also pretty cool that it can be transferred to other guns that i get down the line. Let me know what you think, and if you have pics of your setup it would be appreciated. Thanks

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First of all, the SBEII field gun isn't set up to readily accept an optic. You'll either have to drill and tap the receiver to install a rail to mount it on, or get something like a Burris Speedbead that mounts between the stock and the receiver. There are other receiver-mounted options. None of these is optimal for what you envision. Putting a rail on top of the receiver will interfere with your sighting for clays or birds even when you take the sight off. The T1 doesn't come with a quick-release mount so you'd have to go with something like a Larue or ADM QR mount. That puts the sight even higher and you've lost your cheek weld on the stock for accurate shooting. And the rail would still be there when you take it off. The Burris-type option still requires you to take the stock off to remove the sight. I don't recommend moving an optic around from gun to gun. You're going to have to sight it in for each different move. Personally, I think that's more trouble than it's worth.

The T1 would be a stout enough sight to handle the shotgun. Trijicon RMR is another. I have a RMR on one of my M1's and it does great for what I use it for. There are other optics options from Leupold, Doctor and others.

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