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20ga-M2-Slug gun


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Just bought one along with about $300.00 of various sabot slugs to test the rifled barrel precision. Topped with a Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50mm Illuminated.


Do any of you guys have any insight into accuracy? Preferred ammo? Maximum range?


I've shot an SBEII in 12ga for 10 years or so and probably killed 150 deer with it out to 150 yards or so.


Thanks in advance.

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Well I put 10 boxes of different ammo through the gun and it doesn't shoot worth a hoot. My 12ga SBEII shoots better and is made better. Have to add ... this forum has changed a lot in the last 8 years. There was a time when I'd have gotten ten answers to any question. The Benelli M2 in 20 gauge will be on GunBroker.com next week.

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I doubt that there are 10 folks out here who have that configuration and can reply to the original inquiry with any validity. I know a lot of folks who own and shoot 20 ga. M1's and 2's (including myself ;)) but I don't know anyone who has a rifled barrel version.

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best slug I found to shoot decently was the 2 3/4" lightfields. I shot more expensive 3" sabots with no improvements.


I did J-B non imbedding bore cleaner to it and it did help the accuracy. went from a 5" 3 shot group to a 2" 3 shot group. I think that it would help if it had a trigger job done to it. My savage 220 rocks on accuracy. I want to sell my slug barrel and buy a 24 or 26" Crio for my M2 20

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