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M4 ammo


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First 200 rounds were 00Buck and Slugs. Next 100+ rounds were low brass at 1300fps. After trying different lubes after each cleaning, now it eats anything with 300+ rounds through it.

Hope your's won't take as long...


Thanks. It's good to know that it will loosen up eventually. Just means I need to shoot it alot....I can do that!:o

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Tried the oil that came with the gun. Also tried Break Free CLP, various types of grease, Remington Oil and finally Slip 2000 EWL.

Can't say it was the last oil used, the number of rounds fired or a combination of both. Last outing I shot a couple of box's of Winchester Universal (aka walmart specials) with the low steel brass. Do not have any problems with them now

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Thanks KB Fab, I see that specs out to 1310FPS. I have to load 1290FPS or higher so that my Remington CTI will function properly. Currently loading Winchester AA hulls, 26 grains of Unique, WW12 wad, Win 209 primer 1 1/8oz shot rated for 1310FPS also. Have purchased a case of STS and after I empty them will load with your recipe.



Great quote by "Al". Deadwood is my 2nd favorite series right after Lonesome Dove!

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