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Adding rail to handguard vs. surefire rail?


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Any tips, tricks, downsides to using a US made forearm (I think a FFT one comes with the Botach mesa forearm, saddle, stock package) and adding a rail with screws and epoxy.


I'd like to mount a G2X.


How much less robust is it than a surefire M80?

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I'd recommend reading through this thread:





Here is what I put together. IWC makes an adapter that would allow your G2X to fit to the mount.


This is a lot of work, but it is far better than the Surefire M80 rail system. It's about half a pound lighter and a lot more comfortable to use.

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I made it out of an otherwise worthless BLAM4. I drilled out one of the alignment holes to 0.500", filled in the threaded hole with epoxy, chopped the bracket for a reduced size. Filed all the edges down to remove snag hazards. Then chopped off the opposite side sling mount. Then I sent it off with the rest of my junk to get Cerakoted black so it won't rust.


The hole you see is just a portion of the QD sling mount. When the parts return, I'll install the IWC QD mount into the hole.

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