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Benelli M4 Stock Removal Problems


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I removed the trigger assembly too. Mine must be on super tight.

I dont remember this step being an issue, wonder if there is some sort of thread lock. I know the mag tube has it, but I cant imagine anyone thinking thread lock on the stock is a good idea.

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Threadlocker isn't likely since the pistol grip stock attaches via the stock retention screw at the bottom of the receiver extension.


Someone just likely hulked it on. Be careful using the vice. I would assemble the weapon so that the bolt carrier and the barrel are installed. This will add rigidity to the receiver. Just pull the trigger group.


I would clamp the receiver in the vice upside down below the rear sight. You don't want to squeeze the receiver very hard in the vice. The aluminum will deform under pressure. You want it tight enough so it doesn't move and damage your finish.


Set it so you can push on the pistol grip counter clockwise to loosen the stock. The ability to lean against the grip will help apply enough torque to loosen it. You can also try using a rubber mallet. Whack the pistol grip. Put a rag or a towel over the grip to prevent the rubber from the mallet from transferring to your weapon.

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