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Model Features Confusion


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Am preparing to join the Benelli club and am not sure about something-since I`m going to have to order sight unseen want to be sure of this.


Benelli defense shotguns, M2 Tactical:


Stock number 11055 standard stock,open rifle sights, 5+1 magazine capacity


Stock number 11027 ComforTech stock,open rifle sights, 3+1 magazine capacity


First question is why the difference in magazine capacity?


Second question is if the extra 2 rounds in the magazine in stock number 11055 is achieved by this shotgun shipping from the factory with a factory 2 shot extension added?


I understand it is hard if not impossible to get factory mag extensions so want to be 100% satisfied with what I get.

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Well, it isn`t that obvious because I don`t see anything that explains why difference in magazine capacity- only that 11055 holds 5+1 and 11027 holds 3+1.

I also have the printed Benelli catalog and it is a mirror image of their website- no additional info given

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Yeah, there is a +2 Mag extension (the extra length on the tube under the barrel) which threads on to the existing tube.


Apparently it is an accessory which can be ordered from Benelli, however you need a shop to order it (can't order from Benelli yourself.)


Good luck!

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You can't see the magazine extension?!



Yes I can see it, I can also see the fine print in my printed catalog that says"magazine extension sold seperately"

So that was what I was asking- which it seems 37G was able to answer- that it is the same shotgun it just has a factory extension added to it.

I`m not familiar with Benelli guns so I thought this was the place to ask.

I`m not an expert tucker301 so just chill out.

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It was just pretty obvious that one model comes with the extension while the other does not. Or at least, that's the way I see it on the website.


However, DV, in retrospect, my answers have been terse at times. My apologies. I've got a lot on my mind, and perhaps I should be elsewhere when my mind is elsewhere.



While it's true no moderators have posted in a while, I can assure you that Benelli is well represented by others on this forum.

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I appreciate the info that was shared with me-

No Benelli dealers in my area stock the Defense series- that means that I`m going to have to prepay 100% to place an order and have no return option on a special order item.

So I hope you can understand that I want to be 110% sure about what`s going to be in that long box when it comes.


[ 10-24-2005, 05:34 AM: Message edited by: DV ]

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