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Old M4S90s and recent models


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Obviously I have a old M4 from 2003 without the barrel receiver seat ring and the winglet on the barrel extension.


The other M4S90 I have is from 2011 production, and this one has these new improvements. Are the receivers on both shotguns similar, so I can swap the barrels on each other, or is there a slight difference? Are the newer M4 better than the earlier models without the barrel ring?

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Check inside the barrel of your older M4 and look to see how many ports are in it. If it has 4 ports, I would contact Benelli and see about having it replaced with the newer 2 port design. If it has 4 ports, the older model is the 11703 model. Does the receiver have a flag engraved on it near the bolt release? Does the receiver extension have the notches to allow the collapsible stock to collapse?


The barrels should be interchangeable, the only issue may be the handguards may only fit a certain barrel assembly.

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Thanks and good to know about the barrels, but I think the forend on both guns will fit together. The older M4 is not a us model 11701 or 11703.


Both of my M4S90 guns are european market versions with a fully collapsible recoil tube and a 7 shot full length steel magazine tube. The 2003 model has 2 gas ports, interchangeable choke, and has no american flag on it nor is it the 11703 model with 4 ports, and it came with a 2 position recoil tube. The later one has the 3 position tube.


I think my 2003 model is equivalent to the 11701, but with a factory fully moveable telescopic stock and full tube. The 2011 model is equivalent to a 11707, but with a factory full length magazine tube.

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