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WTB: user Surefire M80


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Hello all,

With a new M4 and a Ti mag tube on the way, I thought I would like to try this piece and see if I like it. Additionally it goes towards my 922r compliance...completing my dancing monkey routine. If it does not work out ill probably purchase the US cloned hand guard.


PayPal preferred.





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I wanted to try an angled fore grip. I have a stubby on my AR that I am comfortable using and I wanted to see if I can duplicate the ergonomics.


I have seen a trend on the forum people buying the m80 then selling it because the stock fore grip is more comfortable and lighter weight. As much as I would like to jump ahead to that wisdom...I feel like I have to try it and see if it works for me.


I will Tango...I see two places already that offer prices in that range.

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Yup, one thing tough to solve is the bottom rail.


I did take a magpul rail section and fit it to handguards on other shotguns. You could do the same with the factory style handguards - that way you don't have to drill your real factory set.


Once you have the magpul rail on there, you could mount an AFG to it. Just one option. I have pictures of how factory this look can turn out on another shotgun I have if you are interested in that route.

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