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  1. Do you mean something like this? If so...then they allow you to do this. ...or add any other type of properly threaded brake.
  2. HK hooked me up with a c-stock while I was shopping for vegetables...Bought through gunbroker but realized on the phone he was on this forum. Good guy, fast shipping, pristine product.
  3. This. Additionally what if you move this to a rifle or a pistol? For me a smaller dot would be advantageous in this case...also better resale value.
  4. lol...I dont think so but everyone is different.
  5. Or you could get a Dave's Metal Works Speed Bar...no drilling, bigger button and a 2 second install.
  6. If there is any recoil reduction...I cannot detect it. So the short answer is it is effectively tacti-cool.
  7. When you said you wanted to make one for the M1014 I assumed you were planning on making the threaded chokes as well. I own a Royal Arms Brake and I love it [ATTACH=CONFIG]2585[/ATTACH] I have always been interested in a muzzle device without the "teeth"....but I purchased what I could find. I imagine a threaded choke will be less expensive to fabricate. Additionally I think it is very impressive that you had that clamp style made. Hats of to you sir. Edit: I would love to see a video of the brake in action!
  8. Whoa....you are making these or having these made? I would like to be first in line for an M4 brake please. But back on topic... it looks great! Who is going to paint that bad boy?
  9. If it was in PHX or close I would be there every year. I'm partial to Kingdom Armory folders and fixed blades...but I have a pimped out Strider SNG...and then there is that Strider/Dwyer Combat Kitchen knife..... If I carry a production its a Zero Tolerance 350 or a Spyderco Rock lobster. The Al Mar Sere is a great knife..a true classic. Not familiar with Shirogorov's although I have seen the name around plenty of times. What do you like about them?
  10. That has a certain poetry to it..... especially the fudge-cicle part...lol And I might think you were a little crazy IF I didnt have an M4 and know/agree with exactly what you're talking about.
  11. LOL It must be nice to have your M4 trigger pull consistent with your 1911's!
  12. Love this! I'm in! Thanks for the very very generous giveaway.
  13. http://forums.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/20884-Lazy-Man-s-Method-of-Removing-a-Benelli-M4-OEM-Magazine-Tube?highlight=lazy http://forums.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/27625-Benelli-M4-Magazine-Tube-Removal-Pictorial?highlight=magazine+tube a quick search here yielded these results.
  14. I was aware of these but unaware of all the features. Thanks BW!
  15. How disappointing...especially for all those people who paid years in advance for these.
  16. My one year old M4. Red thread locker on the stock mag tube.
  17. Neat! Thoughtful design and the part actually looks good....very nice engineering.
  18. Welcome. . Lots of good info here. M4 owner here.
  19. Mine was stiff when I removed the fixed stock initially and required some muscle. I think the c-stock install will go much smoother.
  20. Are you saying this is the new M4 H20? I would consider returning that one.
  21. I think this class was more of an introduction to shotgun with a home defense emphasis...very basic. Being new to SG's I wanted something simple so I can build up to those 2-day classes..which look very good by the way... thanks for the suggestions! As far as credentials my instructor is competition shooter in USPSA, Multi-gun (3 gun) and IDPA as well as a certified Safety Officer in IDPA. Both instructors in the course have similar credentials. I definitely don't want to knock the recommended methods...I just never practiced those methods with snap caps or at the range.
  22. Actually, it was a failure to extract thankfully. I'm happy to say I've never had a failure to fire with this gun. I use a FFT Ti tube with the spring they provided. I actually ordered a carrier comp spring that I received last week I'm going to install soon. I was generally happy with the class although I wish it was longer with more drills. I was a little disappointed in myself that the push pull method and all the loading drills I worked on prior were not optimal in the eyes of the instructor. I found that with the M4 I could put more shot downrange faster than others in my beginner class with the exception of one guy. The guy next to me had an SRM 1216 and he was blazing away. He only had some minor difficulty inserting the multi-tube magazine.
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