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M4 Rear Sling Loop


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Have an M4S90 (Des Cam) and am looking at sling options... I noticed that the front sling loop is 1.25" whereas the rear sling loop is 1". Seems odd to me but maybe there's reason I'm not aware of. So here's the question(s):


A. Is there a way to change out the loop to a 1.25"?

B. Is there an attachment to add that makes it a 1.25" loop




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It wasn't meant for use with a standard sling. Look at the last post here: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/32048-Does-the-M3-standard-stock-fit-on-the-M4/page2 There are other slings that can be used with the attachment points but the original design with the older M1's were for use with the HK style 3-point. Apparently, they still like the original design.

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Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the delay but I thought I was supposed to be notified when someone replied to a post of mine. I'll check my settings. Anyway, I appreciate the info and input. I have already adjusted the front sling mount to be on the left side, as I'm right handed. Also, to note on the Specter Sling, have you compared it with the BlackHawk 3 Pt Swift sling? Basically the same aside from the following:


1. BH has a quick release to better allow transition from strong to weak shoulder as needed. I didn't see this on the Specter.

2. Specter has the sling loop adjustment to downsize from 1.25" to 1" loop (as you pointed out (12508)) but the lack of the quick release would keep me from buying this one.


I called BH today and asked if they have something to accommodate the 1" loop and I'm waiting on their answer. I may end up just making something that would accommodate the BH sling if they don't already make one. I currently have the push button swivels & BH 3pt swift slings on my AR's and would eventually like the same on the Benelli but that will involve some other mods and will be down the road.


Not sure why they still like that design...I'd figure Benelli would be more up to date in this area.


Thanks again for the feedback.

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Finally...here are some pics of what I decided on. I ordered the Specter sling off Amazon but didn't read the details of it in the ad (what I got was slightly different than the picture...my fault), so I returned it and just decided on the BH 3pt Swift sling in coyote brown...didn't look right installed. Returned that one and got the BH 3 pt Swift in black and just put it on this morning. Looks better. Guessing you're thinking BH doesn't have the right parts and you're right. I like BH and decided on it anyway...figured I'd make something to make it work (Props to BH here) Call BH to see if they had a resolution to what I was trying to do and the guy offered to send me some parts and even paid for it (wasn't what I was really looking for so I didn't use it but that speaks volumes of BH. In addition to the quality, customer service is top-notch with with BH which makes it all the easier to be loyal to them. Anyway, this is a first rendition of the rear loop attachment that I made. Even if this works great, I'm sure I'll be switching things around a bit once I get some other hardware. I figure I'll do some SideArmor or SureFire on the front. Also, came across this for the rear loop and thought it was interesting. This will accommodate the push button swivels I like ( Noveske Mount ).


1. This is what I used to modify the std swift sling (extra parts were already in box). Undid the para-cord, rewrapped it onto the triglide (after taking the tri-glide off the extra strap in the box...was one tri-glide short when it came down to putting it all together.






3. Have a GG&G charging handle installed on the other side and a full length tube sitting in the safe yet to install.



Thanks again for your help... have a great week.

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