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I'm having trouble with my M2 shell lifter locking up when bolt is already closed


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I've had my M2 for a couple of years and it's been a great 3 gun shotgun. It has served me well with few if any malfunctions.


Today while I was practicing my shotgun speed reloads (with dummy rounds) my M2 started randomly locking the shell lifter as if the cartridge drop lever had been depressed.


I'm just loading dummy rounds into the tube. The bolt is closed.


When I start loading dummy rounds sometimes after the first round is loaded, sometimes after the third, etc., there is a "click" and shell lifter is locked. To remedy I hit the bolt release button and resume reloading.



CRUMs welded lifter

recently cleaned the bolt (wiped down, but not oiled)


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.


PS - I posted this on another forum but thought I'd try here too

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If you took the trigger group out of the receiver when you cleaned the bolt, make sure you re-installed it properly. If it's fixed when you hit the bolt release, it sounds like something ain't geein' and hawin' in the interface between the two. Sorry for using those highly technical terms there. Not trying to show off or anything.

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I'll check the geein' and hawin' then! I pulled the trigger group again and reassembled. Then I took it to the range and ran a couple of boxes through it and I can't get the problem to return. I'd almost rather have a specific intervention/fix and a specific change (but maybe taking the trigger group out was just that?). Right now it works, but the chance of a ghost malfunction will be in the back of my mind.

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I had a number of guys over the years come in, hand me their M1 and say "it's broke, fix it". Each one had some variation of what you describe. My first question to them was always "you just cleaned it didn't you?" and the answer was always yes. I would remove the trigger group, inspect it for issues and then re-install it. Problem was always solved. I never really looked closely at what was going on and I've never been able to deliberately make mine do it but I never had the same person come back with the problem again.

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Could be a few other things...just guessing at a few. When reassembling the trigger assembly the drop lever spring came unhooked or got missed being hooked up during reassembly. Another being if you have a side saddle on the receiver and got the screw too tight. This will pinch the receiver right through where the carrier and drop lever are hinged so that when the carrier comes back down after loading a shell it will drag on the drop lever (pivoting it down as well) just like it had been manually tripped. Last being that the D-clip on the trigger pin bushing is missing or the bushing itself is broken causing drop lever misalignment.

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