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12ga. Dummy Loads


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Good evening ! I am new to the Benelli Forum so you'll need to bear with me here !

I have recently purchased a new M4 and am trying to find some dummy loads for practicing quick loading and loading on the run. I know that Remington and Fiocchi both make dummy loads, but they are impossible to find. Does anyone have any suggestons on where these could be available or a contact for someone that could simply load me some dummy shells with their reloading quiptment ?

Thanks for any help y'all can give me !

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The Fiocchi have been discontinued. I don't know about the Remingtons. Probably easiest to have someone load some for you... it's just finding that guy that may not be easy.


Snap caps are too light, IMO, for "real" practice (and friggin' expensive) but they are an option if you can't find anything else.


EDIT: Sent you a PM.

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You could drill out snap caps and fill 'em with 00 and epoxy to get the weight correct but there is still the wrong "feel" 'cause they are all smooth and metallic. AND you just spent $25 for 2 caps plus a PITA modification process instead of $20 for a box of 25 dummy rounds. Midway USA had the Fiocchi (box of 25 for ~$15+ shipping) on back order forever then just changed their site to "discontinued" about 3 days ago and cancelled all the back orders (at least mine).

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